White Mountain Shooters Association

Where has the summer gone? SHOOTING!

In our first year of operation, we have had 3,000 ‘shooter days’ (1 shooter on 1 day) at the range! Plus our membership has tripled to well over 300. We have a fine corps of Range Safety Officers, volunteering their time to keep the range safe.

Our member clubs have been busy, including the new Cowboys of the High Country and our latest club, the Second Knoll Muzzleloaders. These folks are non-competitive, just getting together on Tuesday mornings to shoot and share tips and tools.. We hosted our first major event, the LIONS ‘Shoot The Deuce’, and have had some rental of the training bays. With the cooler temperatures and approaching hunting seasons, we have seen more folks sighting in their rifles and preparing for their hunts. Particularly pleasing has been the number of young/new hunters, sighting in for their first hunt! We wish them luck.

In short, it has been a busy year.

Looking forward, the board has invested in a storage container to open up space in the range office, and store the ATV and other items out of the weather. Our focus is on obtaining overhead cover for the 100 yard range, as it does get a tad warm on a hot, sunny day. We are working with Game and Fish, as well as seeking a grant on our own to build the cover.

On the list for future expansion is, in no particular order, the 300 yard range; a clubhouse; a classroom; and the pad, water supply, electrical (solar) supply, and wastewater system near the gate for a resident caretaker.

After that? We will see what the membership and the public want. All changes require a modification to the Special Use Permit from the Forest Service, so we are focusing on the items already allowed. One suggestion has been more training/competition bays.

The temperature is down, the range is open Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, so come on out and shoot!

Range hours are changing to WINTER Hours of 10AM to 4PM November 1st.

Any ammunition, except tracer or incendiary, may be fired at the Second Knoll range.


The range is located 4.5 miles east of the intersection of 77 and 60, on 60. Look for the signs. It is Forest Service road 206. If you reach Bourdon Ranch Road, you have gone about 1/2 mile too far.

Current hours are 9-5, Saturday, Sunday and Monday , subject to the weather.

The club phone number is 928-205-3609.

White Mountain Shooters Association offers sponsorships. A $100.00 sponsorship includes advertising on this website,
through an ad "button" like the ones below with a link to the sponsor's website,
and your business materials displayed at the Second Knoll Target Range. Please contact Seth Nadel for details.
All funds to be used for maintenance and improvements at Second Knoll Target Range.


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