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The range opens August 27th! There will be a ceremony with the Game and Fish Commission, the Forest Service, and elected officials. If you have a chance to speak to them, please thank them for their assistance - particularly the G&F Commissioners! Without them, there would be no range!

The event starts at 9 AM, and includes the firing of the first shots. Then the range will be open to all for no charge all day! We will have a live broadcast of the event.

(If you bring guns, please leave them in your car until the ceremony is over.)

Congratulations to Meredith B. of Show Low, who won the Colt .45.

M1917 30-06

This is an M1917 30-06 rifle, the principal rifle of our troops in WWI. Made in October, 1918, it is the only U.S. rifle with a 6 round magazine. The rifle has been blued, and has a beautiful wood stock - possibly it was used as a parade or 'special guard' rifle. The base of the magazine and the bolt release are not blued. Included are 170 rounds of loaded ammo, several hundred rounds of commercial brass, and a set of reloading dies.

Drawing to be held September 14, 2016

Winner need not be present to win.

Tickets can be purchased at:

Andy's Ammo
Mogollon Safe and Guns
RudeHorse Gunworks in Concho
Sierra Blanca Shooting Sports
WMSA Inc. Board Members

New Range Safety Rules are posted -- a link has been added to the menu above. Please read them over.

Things are moving fast on construction of the range. Check the NEWS page for the latest update.

Hello, and welcome to the the White Mountain Shooters Association website. I would like to personally invite you to read about who we are and where we are going in About Us. There is also an update of the latest News on the range site.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are tax deductible (check with your tax preparer), and are greatly appreciated. We have a long road ahead, and moving dirt costs money. Everyone involved is a volunteer, giving of their time and energy to make this happen. If you can spare either time or money, we can use your help! Just call us at 928-205-3609.

Welcome aboard, we look forward to meeting and shooting with all of you!

Seth R. Nadel, President

Help Wanted:

The club needs the assistance of a General Contractor and an Electrical Contractor - if you have either of these licenses, please let us know via the 'contact us' link.

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