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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt entity, incorporated in Arizona in 2005. We formed for the express purpose of creating and operating a public recreational shooting range in the White Mountains, near Show Low. Our range is to be used for training, practice, and competition in all of the shooting and allied sports. We intend to host Hunter Safety and CCW Training, Law Enforcement Training, and the High School introduction to Firearms Courses. With a special use permit from the Forest Service (to be held by Arizona Game and Fish), and the support of Navajo County and all the towns and cities in the area, we anticipate a fast track to opening. We are a group of highly experience shooters and competitors, looking toward expanding shooting opportunities for the future.

We will offer a facility for training, instruction, recreational shooting, practice, and competition for all varieties of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. We plan for at least one 100 yard range that will be open to the public at all times the range is open, plus other ranges that will be used for club shoots, training, or specific member events. Membership will bring a reduced daily fee for shooting. Trained Range Safety Officers and/or instructors will supervise all shooting.

The White Mountain Shooters Association is designed to be an umbrella organization, facilitating the sub units, which will run training and competition in their areas of interest. We intend to have a ‘big tent’, ready to accept any safe shooting or archery activity the members want. This club will be member driven, serving the wants of the local shooters.

The members of the board include those with business experience and financial management skills, as well as experience as executive officers of clubs operating public ranges. We also have experienced club presidents who have competed in and run major matches and tournaments worldwide. Four of the five Directors of WMSA are certified Instructors, with 3 Distinguished shooters.

The White Mountain Shooters Association is pleased to be part of the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Read more here...


The range will be operated by a Range Manager, who will report to the board. All range officers will be trained Range Safety Officers. The club has designated a trained and experienced individual as the Chief Range Safety Officer, who will train the Range Safety Officers and oversee range safety. No shooting will take place without a trained Range Safety Officer. The site will be completely fenced with appropriate signage as soon as the SUP is granted.

As soon as possible, a resident caretaker will be selected, to live at the range. This individual will be responsible for the collection of range fees and sales of personal safety equipment (eye and ear protection) and targets. They will also conduct light maintenance, and conduct after hours security. They will complete a daily or weekly report to the Range Manager, turning over all funds to the Treasurer for deposit. They will also notify the Range Manager of any needed heavy maintenance and shooter suggestions for improvements

We have formed a partnership with the Arizona Department of Game and Fish, the U.S. Forest Service, and the Arizona Department of Transportation. ADOT surrendered their Special Use Permit for their cinder mine 4.5 miles East of Show Low at Second Knoll. G&F obtained a SUP to turn this site into a target range in partnership with USFS, and the range is under construction now. WMSA expects to sign a contract with G&F to operate the range as a public facility.

The board of the WMSA is planning on phased development, initially consisting of:

Phase One:

  • SUP obtained
  • Environmental and Archaeological Studies completed
  • Area fenced
  • Construction of 100 and 50 yard ranges is underway.

Phase Two:

  • Construction of pad, electric/water/sewer for resident caretaker
  • As usage increases, range is open weekdays in the summer

Phase Three:

  • Setup of portable classrooms
  • Construction of 300 yard rifle range impact berm
  • Construction of additional pistol bays
  • Range is open weekdays year round
  • Construction of a clubhouse

The phases of construction may change as priorities will be based upon demand from the clientele. The opportunities for expansion of the shooting sports are unlimited, and the board intends to be open to new sports as they develop.

The WMSA Monthly board meetings have a new venue, and a new time. We will be meeting at the Show Low Cafe, 480 W/ Deuce of Clubs (across from the GIANT station and the car wash). The meetings shall continue to be second Wednesday of each month, but will start at 6:30 PM, so we will have time to enjoy some of the great home style cooking they offer. Join us there!

Meet the Board

I want to welcome to the board the newly elected Members At Large. With the explosive growth of our club, 4 members have been elected to represent the non-competitive membership - those who do not take part on one of our organized activities. Per our bylaws, there is one Member At Large for every 200 members. The new board members are: Brenda Silva, Vern Lewis, Jeff Wall, and Julius Aubin. 

Welcome aboard!

If you have any questions or comments about the range or the club, feel free to contact any of the board members, who can bring your concerns before the board.

This election also marks the Retirement of our longest serving board member, Bill Weldon. Since the beginning, Bill has added his wisdom to the operation of the club. He has decided to step down as Vice President, but will still be helping out. When you see Bill, please thank him for his service to WMSA Inc. The board will be voting, per our bylaws, on electing a board member to fill Bills' place.

Thanks Bill!

President/Chief Range Safety Officer:
Seth Nadel

Vice President:
Sam Underwood

Larry Kennedy

Vesta Melcher

Discipline member:
John Major
White Mountain Practical Shooters
Web Site: www.wmpracticalshooters.org

Discipline Member:  Second Knoll Muzzleloaders
Seth R. Nadel

Brenda Silva 

Vern Lewis 

Discipline member:
Sam Underwood, Mountain Riflemen

Discipline member:
Larry Kennedy, White Mountain Bullseye Shooters

Discipline Member
George Butcher, Cowboys of the High Country

Discipline Member:
Dee White, Target Tamers (Ladies Shooting Organization)

Discipline Member
Linda M. Gilbertson, Defensive Pistol League

Discipline Member
Richard Dougall, Young Guns

Jeff Wall 

Julius Aubin 

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