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White Mountain Practical Shooters

White Mountain Bullseye
Larry Kennedy - slugkenn@frontiernet.net

Target Tamers
Dee White

Defensive Pistol League
Linda Gilbertson

Mountain Riflemen
Sam Underwood - slvbflo@cox.net

High Country Cowboys
George Butcher, gbonline@cableone.net

Second Knoll Muzzleloaders
Seth Nadel, Disciplines Representative
Young Guns
Youth Shooting Program
Brian Moffatt - extremedefenseusa@gmail.com
Richard Dougall - deserttacticaltrainingllc@gmail.com

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Arizona Citizen Defense League
Web Site: http://www.azcdl.org

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You Never Know What Can Happen

You’re raking leaves in the yard and suddenly, you hear your single mom, next door neighbor yelling for help. You see a man holding her hostage, a gun drawn, pointed at her head as he’s guiding her across the patio to the garage. What do you do? DPL – Defense Pistol League

You’re driving your car, approaching a stop sign and suddenly, you’re hit lightly by another car from the rear. Then another car streaks in front of yours, blocking you in. It’s a car jacking. A perp emerges from each car and approaches you, shouting for your keys and wallet. What do you do? DPL-Defense Pistol League.

These are only two scenarios that Linda Gilbertson and Seth Nadel conjure up for the Defense Pistol League exercises at 2nd Knoll Target Range every 3rd Sunday at 1:00 PM. There are many scenarios that are played out for people who are interested in self-defense and carry firearms on their person or in a handbag, under the car seat, in the car console or glove box. You never know when knowledge of any kind of experience may happen in your life and you have the means to deal with it.

Older people, especially senior citizens, especially women are a perfect target for robbery or worse. Why not develop a skill of using a firearm and knowing how to defend yourself, should an unseemly incident may happen? It gives true meaning to, “Knowledge is power.”

It’s okay if a robber takes money, a car, credit cards and flees; but what if he or she decides to “off” you anyhow because you know what they look like? Are you prepared for this? You don’t need lightning fast reflexes, but you do need the ability to think how you can use the firearm that’s hidden under your clothing and how you can out maneuver the perpetrator to your life.

Most of us don’t have a funeral arrangement or cremation preplanned, so what if you’re not ready to meet your maker? It behooves everyone who has an interest to not only know how to use and maintain a firearm responsibly, but it also gives one the ability to make life and death decisions of how to survive a possible robbery, rape, murder.

There’s nothing wrong with knowing how to defend yourself and your family, should some unseemly scenario occur. Be like a Boy Scout: Be Prepared…for anything that may come your way.


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