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White Mountain Bulls-eye Club

Below are the results of the Police ā€œLā€ Match. Thanks you for coming out to shoot and we hope you enjoyed it. The Bullseye Club shoots at 1:30 on Saturdays. Please arrive at 1:00 to help set up. We shoot the same course of fire as in the Police ā€œLā€ Match but the targets and times are different. The times are: Slow fire, 10 shots in 10 minutes. Timed Fire, two 5 shot strings, 20 seconds per string. Rapid Fire, two 5 shot strings, 10 seconds per string. We shoot one 30 shot match, 10 Slow Fire, 10 Timed Fire and 10 Rapid Fire. We do this twice.


For Info on the CMP 1911 Lottery go to this link: http://thecmp.org/cmp_sales/1911-information

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