Civilian Marksmanship Program

WMSA is pleased to be part of the Civilian Marksmanship Program. As an affiliated club, WMSA members are eligible to purchase firearms and ammunition via the CMP.

About Us

Who We Are

The White Mountain Shooters Association (WMSA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt entity, incorporated in Arizona in 2005 and formed for the express purpose of creating and operating a public recreational shooting range in the White Mountains, near Show Low. But we are not doing this alone. The Second Knoll Target Range is a collaborative effort between the Arizona Game and Fish Department (as the responsible agency managing 11 public ranges statewide), ADOT (who released their Special Use Permit for the cinder pit), and the US Forest Service (as the land owner having issued a 20-year Special Use Permit to the AZGFD) with WMSA chosen as the entity controlling daily range operations. This is a pilot program that is being considered for future implementation in National Forests across the country.

WMSA is designed to be an umbrella organization, which both operates the public range and facilitates the various clubs running shooting events in their areas of interest. We are a “big tent,” ready to accept any safe shooting activity the members want. This club will be member driven, specifically serving the wants of local shooters.

We are a group of highly experienced shooters and competitors who are looking toward expanding shooting opportunities for the future. Our range is used for recreational shooting, practice, training and competition in many of the shooting sports, primarily pistol and rifle. Various entities may host Hunter Safety and CCW Training while Law Enforcement training and the High School introduction to Firearms Courses may also be conducted at the range.

The Range

The range is completely fenced with appropriate signage and is open to the public. WMSA membership brings a 75% reduced daily fee for shooting. Trained Range Safety Officers supervise all shooting.

Commercial entities cleared by the board of directors to use the range to conduct their operations must have certified instructors and name WMSA on their insurance. A WMSA RSO must also be on site while training is conducted.

Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of members with a variety of professional skills including business, finance, military and law enforcement as well as experience operating public ranges. We also have folks who have competed in and run major matches and tournaments worldwide. Several WMSA Directors are certified Instructors and/or Distinguished shooters. In short we have a deep pool of experience.

Range Safety Officers

Our range could not operate without our volunteer Range Safety Officers (RSO). These men and women offer their time to insure that the Second Knoll Target Range is safe so everyone can enjoy their time shooting.

After training, which includes firearms safety, first aid, CPR and AED usage, they come out for at lease 8 hours a month to assist all shooters in maintaining our safety record. All are shooters themselves and want to insure the well-being of our guests and members.

No shooting takes place without a trained RSO. You can tell who they are by the bright safety vests and their nametags, as well as their willingness to help you get signed in and get your target set up.

Please consider becoming an RSO. Join our corps of folks meeting and greeting our shooters!

The Process:

What we’ve done and where we’re going

As soon as possible, a resident caretaker will be selected to live at the range. This individual may be responsible for:

  • Collection of range fees
  • Light maintenance
  • After hours security
  • Daily report to the Range Manager
  • Turning over all funds to the Treasurer for deposit
  • Building and repairing targets
  • Notifying the Range Manager of any needed heavy maintenance and shooter suggestions for improvements


The WMSA board is planning on phased development, initially consisting of:

Phase 1

  • SUP Obtained 100% 100%
  • Environmental/Archaeological Studies 100% 100%
  • Area Fenced 100% 100%
  • Construction of 100- and 50-yard Ranges 100% 100%
  • Installation of Overhead Cover on Firing Line on 50- and 100-yard Ranges 100% 100%
  • Construction of pad/electric water/sewer for Resident Caretaker 10% 10%
  • Construction of 300-yard Rifle Range 10% 10%
  • Construction of Classroom/Clubhouse 10% 10%

Phase 2

  • Construction of Additional Training Bays 0% 0%
  • Additional Features TBD 0% 0%

Phase 3

  • Range Open Weekdays Year Round 0% 0%