Second Knoll Target Range Competition/Training Bay Reservation System

There are four competition/training bays located on the East side of the Second Knoll Target Range which may be utilized by reservation only. Reservations are managed by the Bay Reservation and Use Committee.  Please note that NO training will be allowed on the public (100 yard) range when it is open to the public. All pistol training is to take place in the training bays.  Rifle training may take place on the 100 yard range by special arraignment.

WMSA Clubs or Groups

Any WMSA discipline club or group may reserve the bays as long as an approved RSO is present.  WMSA RSO’s, as well as discipline specific RSO’s – SASS, IPSC, etc. are approved for their disciplines only.  For WMSA discipline clubs or groups to reserve bays, first view the reservation schedule for bay availability then email the committee with your requested bay(s) and date(s).

Commercial Entities

Commercial entities may also request bay space. To be approved by the Bay Reservation and Use Committee, you must provide:

  • Some form of Nationally Recognized training creds: NRA, POST, Military (as a small arms instructor), or similar (Scouting USA, USPSA, SASS, IDPA, and other National groups) or a Second Knoll RSO present during the entire time a bay is in use.
  • Proof of insurance that covers WMSA, G&F, and USFS.

Commercial bay rental fee is $20 half day or $40 all day. All shooters must sign in at the range using the WMSA Daily Shooters Log, sign WMSA range waivers and pay regular daily shooter fees before shooting.

View the Reservation Schedule for available dates, then download the Commercial Bay Use Request form. Follow form instructions.

Additional Info

The range is currently open to the public Saturdays through Mondays but the bays are available for reservations all week and arrangements may be made by contacting the Bay Reservation And Use Committee.

The standard limit of bays requested at once for the same day, by the same group, is 2 bays.

Any group wanting to add an available third bay to an existing reservation may contact the committee no sooner than one week (7 days) prior to the needed date. If the bay is available at that time, the committee may approve the third bay use. Our goal is to reserve bays fairly but we don’t want bays sitting empty when someone could be using them.

Canceling a reservation (except for inclement weather) without notifying the committee may result in a fine if it causes a hardship for other groups.

We take pride in our clean range and want to keep it that way so after each use; bays must be cleaned of brass, live ammunition, shotgun wads, broken wood target stands, and visibly excessive broken clay targets. Cinders should be raked, making a presentable bay for the next users. 

For any additional information, please contact the committee.