Second Knoll 50yd and 100yd Target Range Competition/Training Bays Reservation System

There are four competition/training bays located on the East side of the range along with a 50 yd range and 100 yard which may be utilized by reservation only. Reservations are managed by the Bay Reservation, Use Committee (Baywatch) which is overseen by the WMSA Board of directors.  The four training bays and 50yd and 100yd ranges are currently open for reservations 7 days a week when available but weekends are generally reserved by range affiliated clubs during the normal range operating hours shown below.

Summer Hours: Apr 1 – Oct 31, 9AM – 5PM

Winter Hours: Nov 1 – Mar 31, 10AM – 4PM

Earlier and later start and end times must be approved by the Baywatch committee to insure that proper WMSA RSO coverage is available to gain access to range bays and the safely closing down of bays and main range gate closing.

Please note that NO training will be allowed on the 100 yard range when it is open to the public. Rifle training may take place in the four bays only by special arrangement.

There are three ways to make reservations:

WMSA Clubs or Groups

Any WMSA RSO, discipline club or group may reserve bays as long as an approved RSO or match director charged with appropriate gate locking management is present at all times. WMSA RSO’s, club/discipline specific Match Directors/RSO’s that are also WMSA members as well as specific (SASS, IPSC, IDPA) RSO’s are approved for their disciplines only.

 Step 1:  View the reservation schedule posted below (first blue button) for the desired bay availability. 

Step 2: Email the committee (third blue button) with your requested bay(s), date(s) and times along with a contact name and phone number.  Once an email request is received, a Baywatch member will be in contact with you to discuss the details.   For further assistance or information on making reservations please call 928-892-2669.

Commercial Entities

First time commercial bay users may be required to visit the bay area with a Baywatch committee member to discuss bay use restrictions, protocol, safety issues and discuss what is expected of the bay rental prior to bay use approval.

Step 1: View Bay Reservation Schedule below to ascertain bay availability (first blue button).

Step 2: Download Commercial Bay Use Request form (second blue button).  Follow form instructions then email request to Baywatch committee (third blue button).   For further assistance or information call 928-892-2669

Commercial bay rental fee is $40 all day or $20 half day.  All shooters must sign in with the RSO in charge using a WMSA Daily Shooters Log.  ALL shooters and spectators must sign a WMSA liability waiver and  shooting fees along with all waivers must be presented to the RSO before shooting may commence.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Since bay use needs and conditions vary greatly between agencies, ALL bay reservation requests will be sent directly to Mike Melcher without copying everyone.  Mike will evaluate the request and talk directly with the agency involved while coordinating the bay availability with Baywatch.  Mike will determine who needs to get involved in the process from this point on.