Meet the Board

From the President


It’s an honor to be the new president of WMSA and to be one of many volunteers at the Second Knoll Target Range. I’ve been around firearms since I became a police explorer at 17. I went on to become a deputy sheriff in CA and spent 29 years in that profession. During my career, I shot on the sheriff’s pistol team and was a range master and firearms instructor. While I was still working (as a Lt.) I competed in international style pistol shooting. I spent over 10 years on the USA Shooting National Team, competing in more than 20 world cups and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. And yes, it was amazing! I retired in 2012 and moved to the White Mountains with my husband Tony, who is the membership secretary. Being a part of WMSA is a fantastic way to help provide a safe shooting environment for others, be around some wonderful people and exercise our Second Amendment rights. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the range!

In addition, the WMSA board meetings are open to the public. We meet the second Wednesday of each month; see Meeting Location for more info).

Brenda Silva


Board of Directors

Brenda Silva |

Vice President
Linda Gilbertson |

Don Childers

Vesta Melcher |

Chief Range Safety Officer

Discipline Members

Rob Johnson | White Mountain Practical Shooters

Sam Underwood | Mountain Riflemen Shooting Group

Mike Melcher | White Mountain Bullseye Shooters

George Butcher | Cowboys of the High Country

Vesta Melcher | Target Tamers (Ladies Shooting Organization)

Manuel Tavares | Second Knoll Defensive Pistol League

Brian Moffatt | White Mountain Young Guns

Jim Aylor | Second Knoll Benchrest Club

Members at Large

Brenda Silva |

Linda Gilbertson |

Jeff Wall |

Don Childers