Meet the Board

From the President


Everyone is invited to our board meetings the second Wednesday of each month (see Meeting Location for more info).

The board elects the officers from among WMSA members in accordance with our Bylaws. Our board is composed of one member from each of the various clubs and one member elected at large from the membership for each 100 members of the Association. Our intent is to balance the input from the clubs and the general, non-competitive members. We have a tradition of allowing anyone to speak at our meetings—board members, general members, even members of the public. By listening to everyone, we gain a wider appreciation for the potential impact of our actions. Voting is limited to the board members. Anyone with a comment or concern is welcome to contact any board member or officer.

We also have an annual membership meeting once per year per our bylaws.
If you miss a meeting, the minutes are published promptly here on our website.

Please join us and take part in the future direction of our Association.

Seth R. Nadel

Board of Directors

Brenda Silva |

Vice President
Dwight Yoachem |

Don Childers

Vesta Melcher |

Chief Range Safety Officer
Seth Nadel |

Discipline Members

Dan Fondren | White Mountain Practical Shooters

Seth R. Nadel | Second Knoll Muzzleloaders

Sam Underwood | Mountain Riflemen Shooting Group

Larry Kennedy | White Mountain Bullseye Shooters

George Butcher | Cowboys of the High Country

Dee White | Target Tamers (Ladies Shooting Organization)

Linda M. Gilbertson | Second Knoll Defensive Pistol League

Brian Moffatt | White Mountain Young Guns

Dwight Yoachem | Benchrest Shooters

Members at Large

Brenda Silva |

John Tod |

Jeff Wall |

Don Childers