Board Officers Elected

Per the WMSA bylaws, the board has elected the officers for the next two years. Please welcome:

  • President: Brenda Silva
  • Vice President: Dwight Yochem
  • Treasurer: Vesta Melcher
  • Secretary: Don Childers
  • Chief Range Safety: Officer Seth Nadel

They will be installed at our annual meeting July 17th at the Show Low Cafe. Come early to enjoy comfort food, and stay for the meeting which starts at 6:30.


The Range is Open

The board of directors are concerned that you all stay safe in these times. The Second Knoll Target Range was closed out of an abundance of caution. Now that more is known about the Covid-19 virus, we will be open on the summer hours of 9-5, Sat/Sun/Mon.

The Forest Service has limited us to only 10 people on the range at one time. I have asked for a meeting with the Ranger to show him our range and ask for an enlargement of that number as each shooting station is 8 feet wide. Until that happens, there will be some restrictions. The training/competition bays are not (yet) open for the clubs.

There will be an RSO at the gate to control numbers. With 2 RSO’s on the range, that means only 8 shooters will be present at one time. We are asking that you try to limit your time to 1 hour so others get a chance to shoot. Our RSO’s may wear masks and gloves. Shooters are welcome to wear masks if they wish. If you choose to wear gloves, please insure you can safely handle your firearm before coming to the range.

If you have concerns about the virus, please do NOT come out to the range.

Any other changes will be posted as soon as they happen.

See You at the Range!

Brenda Shinn, President

5/18/20 Update

The range has resumed limited club matches on the 50 yard and 100 yard ranges, as allowed by the current Covid19 guidelines. The training bays, at this time, will remain closed. A calendar of events being held by the range clubs can be found here:

The Range May Be Closed, But Improvements Go On!

Game and Fish is continuing to support WMSA and the Second Knoll Target range, even during the closure. As many of you know, the road to the range, and the roads inside the fence, have not always been what we want them to be. So the G&F Development Branch has sent their Heavy Equipment group to improve the situation.

Using a loader, grader, and truck, they are reshaping the road in to the range from US 60, so it will shed water and not get muddy in the wet season. They are topping the road with the cinders from the pile at the range. They are also going to cinder the parking lots behind the 50 & 100 yard ranges, while creating more parking space on the East side. This should eliminate the mud issues we had this winter.

Jack, Jed, and Dan have been hard at it, and after just a few hours there has been noticeable improvement on the road. We are asking everyone to stay away, as every person who goes there to “see what is going on” reduces the amount of work they can get done during their limited time here. Once they are done and the restrictions are lifted, you will be surprised at the improvement.

Watch here for the latest news on the reopening of the range!

Bullseye Club Participates in Annual IER&PA Tournament

The White Mountain Bullseye Club is currently participating in the Inland Empire Rifle & Pistol Association Tournament. This is the 99th Annual Rifle Postal Tournament and the 76th Annual Pistol Tournament of the IER&PA. We compete in this tournament each year from January through March and this year, we have three participating teams.

The course of fire is a National Match Course at 50 feet with one hand for pistol: 10 shots slow fire; 10 shots timed fire; 10 shots rapid fire.

This is a Postal Match, which means we shoot the targets and send in the results each week for ten weeks. The results are tallied by IER& A and sent out by email each week.

Washington, Oregon, Utah, Montana, New Mexico and Arizona are some of the participating states at indoor target ranges. We have a slight disadvantage because we shoot outdoors and wind is an issue most of the time. See PDFs below for Weekly Results.

Welcome a New Shooting Group to WMSA

The Benchrest Shooters are now active, with a division for Rimfire shooters and a separate group for Centerfire shooters. They are shooting on the 2nd and 4th Fridays, so come on out and see if you can put all your shots into one hole!

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest Article on Second Knoll Target Range

Target shooting can be a fun and rewarding activity for the whole family and a great way to enjoy our public lands. As fire season progresses and the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest moves into Stage II fire restrictions, opportunities for dispersed target shooting become limited. Fortunately there is a great facility for target shooting located on the National Forest that remains open despite the restrictions. . . .

The Association Has a New Publicity Director!

Vicki Matsumonji has agreed to take it on, and is looking for others to lend a hand. If you are interested, please contact her at 623-556-3704 (phone or text) or via e-mail at Thank you Vicki!

Bay Rentals

The training and competition bays are available for rent for private events..

Range Safety Officers Needed