White Mountain Bullseye Shooters

Bullseye Pistol Shooting

Welcome to Bullseye Shooting, also known as NRA Precision Pistol.

We shoot on Thursdays at 9:30 AM at the 50-yard Pistol Range next to the 100-yard Public Range. Please feel free to come out and join us or just observe this type of shooting.

Our shooting is all shot with one hand, but you may use two hands to get used to it. The courses of fire are:

  • Slow Fire: 10 shots in ten minutes
  • Timed Fire: 5 shots (twice) in 20 seconds on turning targets
  • Rapid Fire: 5 shots (twice) in 10 seconds on turning targets

The usual distance for our summer league is 25 yards and 50 feet for the Inland Empire Postal Match (competing against other states) for the winter. For our Thursday league, we generally shoot two 30-shot courses of fire. 

In a standard Bullseye Match there are three guns, 90 shots per gun. The .22 is first, then any center fire gun, then .45. Standard calibers for the center fire pistol are .32, .38, and .45. 

For more detailed information on bullseye shooting, visit bullseyepistol.com.

Contact: Tony Silva, 209-631-6587, n9911c@sbcglobal.net